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The Lower Limbs, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DVD SET • Three discs
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Our skeletal system gives our body the basic form through which we locomote through space, act on the environment, and sculpt and create the energy forms in space that we call movement. Through embodying the skeletal system, the mind becomes structurally organized, providing the supporting ground for our thoughts, the leverage for ideas, and the fulcrums or spaces between our ideas for the articulation and understanding of their relationships. Embodiment of the skeletal system provides the foundation for the psychophysical qualities of clarity, effortlessness and form.

Embodying the bones and joints of the lower limbs from the feet to the pelvic halves, including sections on the foot, ankle, foreleg, knee, femur, hip, pelvic half and the embryological development of the lower limbs.

DVD SET • Three discs; 4 hours

This DVD set contains the following chapters (click here for a printable list):

Disc 1
  • Heel-Foot and Ankle Foot
  • Bones of the Foot: Phalanges
  • Bones of the Foot: Metatarsals and Tarsals
  • "The Little Worm" Exercise
  • Subtalar Joint and Ankle Joint
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Subtalar Joint
  • Suggest Measures When Working with the Subtalar Joint
  • Two Diagonal Lines of the Foot
  • Tibia and Fibula
  • Rotation of the Tiba and Fibula to Create Space for the Talus
  • Possible Causes of Ankle Issues
  • Rotation of the Foreleg with Counter Spiral
  • Applying Rotation of the Foreleg

Disc 2
  • Knee Joint
  • Support and Counter Support in a Ball and Socket Joint
  • Exercise in Understanding the Function of Counter Support
  • Patella
  • Medial and Lateral Menisci of the Knee
  • Rotation of the Menisci with Flexion and Extension of the Knee
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Menisci
  • Exercise to Align the Foreleg with the Femur
  • Moving the Body as One Continuous Unit - Initiating Rolling from the Feet
  • Embryology of the Limbs
  • Spiral of the Femur
  • Releasing the Knee through the Head of the Femur
  • Bonnie Working with a Student to Release the Head of the Femur
  • Finding the Ligament of the Head of the Femur and the Spiral of the Femur

Disc 3

  • Pelvic Halves and Pubic Symphysis
  • Initiating an Internal Spiral and External Twist from the Pubic Symphysis
  • Pelvic Relationship to the Individual Toes
  • Three Layers of Bone (Simplified)
  • Working from the Individual Layers of Bone
  • Initiating Movement in the Bones, Joints and Joint Fluid (Synovial Fluid)
  • Tool for Opening Up the Foot
  • Excerpts on the Philosophy of Embodiment
  • Credits
  • Illustrations

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