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The Ligamentous System with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DVD SET • Six discs
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Ligaments set the boundaries of movement between the bones. They coordinate and guide muscular responses by directing the paths of movement between the bones and provide specificity, clarity, and efficiency for the alignment and movement of the bones. Actively engaged ligaments underlie specific and effortless movement of joints. Ligaments support the psychophysical quality of detailed specificity.

Embodying the ligamentous system with sections on: explorations of the ligaments; finding the spiraling action of ligaments; ligaments of the hands, forearms, and elbows; ligaments of the shoulders and shoulder girdles; ligaments of the ribs and spine; ligaments of the pelvis and hips; ligaments of the knees, forelegs, and feet; differentiating flesh and bone; and the embryological development of the ligaments.

DVD SET • Six discs; 8 hours, 41 min.

This DVD set contains the following chapters (click here for a printable list):

Disc 1: Ligamentous System

  • Introduction to the Ligamentous System
  • Finding the Spiral of Ligaments
  • Capsular Ligaments)
  • Synovial Joints
  • Ligaments of the Fingers
  • Connecting with the Ligaments of the Hands

Disc 2: Ligamentous System
  • Ulnar Discs
  • Ligaments of the Forearm
  • Ligaments of the Elbows
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Elbow

Disc 3:Ligamentous System
  • Ligaments of the Shoulders and Shoulder Girdles
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Shoulder
  • Ligaments of the Ribs
  • Intervertebral Discs
  • Ligaments of the Spine
  • Embodying the Ligaments of the Spine

Disc 4: Ligamentous System
  • Ligaments of the Pelvis
  • Ligaments of the Hips
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Hip (1)
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Hip (2)
  • Ligament of the Head of the Femur
  • Alignment of the Head of the Femur

Disc 5: Ligamentous System
  • Ligaments of the Knees
  • Cruciate and Collateral Ligaments
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Knee (1)
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Knee (2)
  • Ligaments of the Forelegs
  • Ligaments of the Feet and Ankles
  • Bonnie Working with a Student's Foot and Ankle

Disc 6: Ligamentous System

  • Working with Bone
  • Differentiating Flesh and Bone
  • Embryology and Awareness
  • Excerpts on the Philosophy of Embodiment
  • Credits
  • Illustrations

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