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"Weakness, inflexibility, and lack of coordination are often not due to structural or muscular problems but caused by a lack of process. When that process is actualized, we experience strength, flexibility, and ease in our movement and our mind. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are an exploration of that process.” – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) were developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as an integral part of the Body-Mind Centering® approach to somatic movement education. The BNP form the underlying words and phrases in the language of human movement. They have a global influence on our physical, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive functioning. They shape how we bond, defend, learn, organize, and sequence information, and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. The BNP have extensive application in the areas of movement and psychophysical expression. Done in sequences, the they can also form the basis for a deep and ongoing personal movement practice.

Although the BNP normally emerge and ideally integrate throughout infancy, revisiting these patterns and exploring them as adults can be eye-opening, transformational, and life-changing. With the book and DVDs as guides, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen invites you to directly experience, embody, and integrate your own developmental movement patterns. In doing so, you can come to know and use this work in deep and meaningful ways with yourself and with others.

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Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement

The Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) form the underlying words and phrases in the language of human movement. The BNP have a global influence on our physical, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive functioning. They shape how we bond, defend, learn, organize, and sequence information, and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. Done in sequences, they can also form the basis for a deep and ongoing personal movement practice.

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Practicing the Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) DVD Practicing the Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) DVD

This video on the BNP is designed to accompany Bonnie's book, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement. It can also be useful for people who have studied the BNP in a course at a School for Body-Mind Centering® licensed training program, or through study of the BNP with Bonnie or with a professional member of the Body-Mind Centering® Association.

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Basic Neurocellular Patterns Book and DVD Package Basic Neurocellular Patterns Book and DVD Package

The Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) form the underlying words and phrases in the language of human movement. The BNP have a global influence on our physical, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive functioning. They shape how we bond, defend, learn, organize, and sequence information, and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. Done in sequences, they can also form the basis for a deep and ongoing personal movement practice.

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Book and DVD Package $147.00
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What people are saying about Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement:

“I am so happy to see that Bonnie – one of the true innovators of bodywork – has finally shared her system in an organised fashion. Here is the underlying body language – the reflexes that build into patterns that build into individual expression – and what happens when these pathways to maturity get diverted, detoured, or stopped.

Most methods proceed from the idea of ‘body as machine’; Bonnie has named her book well, because she proceeds from two ideas: 1) We are a cellular collective, and we each have to build ourselves from a single cell. Bonnie identifies the benchmarks of the growing cellular self moving out into the world from conception to adulthood, and 2) We are reaching for full self-expression through movement and voice, and Bonnie lays out how these blocks to full expression can be relieved through re-establishing these instinctual movements within your clients or students.

Bonnie marries cellular requirements with developmental movement to adult biomechanical issues. This is not an easy path to take on – it’s requires subtle perception and inventiveness – but Bonnie has just made it easier by cataloging the language and stages of, well, exactly: Basic Neurocellular Patterns.

I am devouring this book. Its insights will inform and enlighten any bodyworker with both the simple wonder of animals in motion and the complex intricacy with which it plays out in human form"

– Tom Myers
Director, Anatomy Trains

"Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen deserves serious attention in many areas of research and practice. Because she is unique in developing a practical approach to the study of the human body that integrates the many possible pathways into such experiential investigations. At the same time she succeeds in grounding these pathways into what we have learned about the empirically dissected and microscoped body from biomedical research. Her lifelong experiential investigations have always taken place within the framework of thoughtful articulation. That integrative quality has enabled her to craft a framework that provides a foundation for intelligible communication between the worlds of biomedical knowledge, scholars of embodiment, and the treasuries of experiential knowledge, which are typically so fragmented and often conflictual.

I came to this understanding of her work by the strange route of my early studies of medieval philosophy and theology. During something of a golden age from 1100 to 1400, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Vedic, and Taoist mystical teachers worked to synthesize their understandings of the cosmos from within their traditions but in ways that opened to the integrative views of the others. Despite their soaring abstractions, their tomes of discourses provided a brief moment in history in which the conflicting power/political wings of these various traditions was matched by the vitality of these inspiring efforts to view the Whole in which we all live and die, no matter what our ideological commitments happen to be.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen has outlined a similar integrative move in the radically different pole of reality: that of genes, cells, hormones, neuropeptides, and organs. While there are so many brilliant methods that have developed throughout the world during the past century for exploring bodily experience in direct ways—through movement, the various senses, breathing, touching, feeling, sounding, etc.—it has been a struggle, sometimes contentious, to find out how all the information can be gathered in a unified sense of selves interacting together, trying to build a more humane world. It is this possibility that she opens up by her own courageous life of exploration and articulation. A great gift to us at this very strange moment in history."

– Don Hanlon Johnson
Author of "The Protean Body," Chair, Somatics Graduate Program, Calif. Institute of Integral Studies

"It is not often that I feel a breathless excitement in opening a book. Each chapter, each page, each sentence of this page sings with a depth of insight that is truly astounding. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen simplifies an extraordinarily complex subject while at the same time drawing us into the deeper significance of the human developmental patterns and what they tell us about ourselves and our connection to all of life.

Basic Neurocellular Patterns is exquisitely illustrated and rich with inquiries that can be utilised by teachers of dance, yoga, somatics and those interested in the intersection of the mind and body. I feel that I have been gifted with jewels of distilled wisdom that will enrich my own practice and teaching for years to come.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding how human development movement can inform the work of yoga teachers and somatic practitioners."

– Donna Fahri
Donna Farhi, author of Yoga, Mind Body & Spirit.

"Every generation has a few gifted pioneers that forge the path towards a more enlightened and conscious understanding of our self and our universe. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is definitely one of the main pioneers of our generation.

In her recent book, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement, she not only reveals her great knowledge of developmental movement but shares the connection of movement and consciousness itself. True to Bonnie’s respect and love of movement this book provides a way to explore one’s self and one’s body through exercises of embodied anatomy. I highly recommend this book to all who are on the path of self-discovery."

– Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Continuum Movement®

"This book is a must for the experienced movement professional and quite accessible to the novice that comes with open curiosity. Bonnie’s consummate embodiment has allowed her to distill and transmit so that we can all enter, explore and have our full understanding and experience.

Bonnie does for movement and the Basic Neurocellular Patterns what Stephen Hawking did for space. The depth of her passion and understanding combined with her ability to communicate will allow many more people to come into their full movement potential and a deeper sense of identity."

– Roxlyn Moret
Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, CMA, RSME, ERYT-500

"Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement is an exquisitely clear and rich presentation of Bonnie’s work of a lifetime. The book is filled with explorations that allow the reader to connect deeply with the processes of the Basic Neuorcellular Patterns, while the illustrations seem to be in motion themselves. As an osteopathic physician, this approach is foundational to my treatment of infants. As an educator, I will rely on this book to shift perceptions of infant movement in the medical community at large. I am so grateful for what you have done over all these years and now we have it in written form. Thank you, Bonnie!"

– Susan Milani, DO
Chair, Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-NY, NY Practitioner and Teaching of Body-Mind Centering ®

"In my almost 40 years of practicing and teaching yoga, the insights and revelations I have gleaned from studying with Bonnie far surpass anything I have experienced anywhere. Her clarity and depth continue to amaze and delight me.

With her new book, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement, Bonnie is presenting the culmination of over fifty years of embodied spiritual practice, therapeutic application and collective exploration of human movement. The twelve neurocellular patterns are presented within the context of the evolutionary journey of life, embryology, and the developmental movement sequences that allow an infant to discover human locomotion.

Well illustrated and filled with explorations and descriptions, this book will offer anyone engaged in a somatic spiritual practice a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance on the path of awakening."

– Arthur Kilmurray
Yoga Teacher and Somatic Explorer

"The book is a marvel! Every time I open it, my understanding of developmental movement, and all movement deepens and clarifies. The life’s work and living that this book encompasses is enormous. You have articulated it, organized it, and made it so accessible. The clarity and simplicity is astounding, knowing how complex the subject really is.

This text will stay near me for a long time. I will be sure the Laban Institute has a copy in the library, and I can now fill in aspects of my own learning that were weak.

For example, today, I realize that I have never really understood “yield.” So I kept reading, and came to the beautiful page called YIELD, where you so clearly explain the need to experience the pull of gravity before the experience of push. This goes directly into my daily movement experience and opens a new door. And this is just one example of what lies ahead, even after so many years with the material."

Ellen Goldman
CMA, KMP, AP, Senior Faculty of New York Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies, Author of As Others See Us: Body Movement and the Art of Successful Communication, Geometry of Movement; Part 1, the Defense Scale, Part 2 the Axis Scales

"Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is a uniquely brilliant teacher and healer. Yet she is far more than this. She is a rare original thinker who enables others to experience their own bodies with a radical intimacy that transforms their way of being present to themselves and the world.

With surpassing kindness and gentleness she guides you on a journey into yourself. Those who travel within with her emerge with a changed relationship to life, to themselves, and to others. As an innovator in the sphere of body/mind integration, she is without peer and beyond comparison."

– Jonathan Klate, Ph.D.,
Lic.Ac, in practice since 1975, is a second generation practitioner of traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine, author to The Tao of Acupuncture, who maintains his practice in Amherst, MA

“Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement offers a comprehensive description of human developmental movements, along with detailed exercises to enliven one’s experience of them. Comparisons to other creatures demonstrate our relationships in the natural world and in the evolutionary progression.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen has spent a lifetime exploring this work and the clarity and specificity in this culminating volume are unsurpassed. It is appropriate for beginners and more advanced students of human movement and early development. This book is instantly the essential reference."

Pat Ethridge
Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner