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The Endocrine System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
The Endocrine System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DVD SET • Seven discs
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The endocrine glands create crystalline psychophysical states through which we are able to experience and understand the universal aspect of self. This is the system of internal stillness, surges of chaos/balance and the crystallization of energy into archetypal experiences. The endocrine glands underlie intuition and the perceiving and understanding of Universal Mind.

Embodying the endocrine system with material on: initiating breath, voice, movement and touch from the glands; relationship of the glands to the skeletal structures, reflex points and spinal energy centers; and techniques for integrating and balancing the gland. Covers the perineal body, coccygeal body, gonads, adrenals, pancreas, thoracobody, heart body, thymus, thyroid, parathyroids, carotid bodies, pineal, mamillary bodies and pituitary.

DVD SET • Seven discs; 10 hours, 8 min.

This DVD set contains the following chapters (click here for a printable list):

Disc 1
  • Introduction to the Endocrine System
  • Pelvic Quadrants and Pelvic Diaphragm
  • Perineal Body
  • Coccygeal Body
  • Gonads

Disc 2
  • Adrenals
  • Pancreas
  • Five Glands below the Diaphragm
  • Diaphragm
  • Thoracobody
  • Heart Body
  • Thymus
  • Thyroid

Disc 3
  • Exploration of the Thyroid
  • Parathyroids
  • Exploration of the Parathyroids
  • Carotid Bodies
  • Exploration of the Carotid Bodies
  • Notochord
  • Glands of the Head: Pineal, Pituitary, Mamillary Bodies

Disc 4
  • Breathing through the Glands
  • Sounding through the Glands
  • Using a Ball to Stimulate the Glands
  • Endocrine Mind
  • Excerpts on the Philosophy of Embodiment
  • Credits
  • Illustrations

Disc 5
  • Guidelines for Viewing Disc 5
  • Somatization of the Glands (1)
  • Somatization of the Glands (2)

Disc 6
  • Guidelines for Viewing Discs 6 and 7
  • Perineal Body
  • Coccygeal Body, Gonads, Adrenals, Pancreas
  • Thoracobody: The Breath Stroke

Disc 7
  • Guidelines for Viewing Discs 6 and 7
  • Heart Body, Thymus, Thyroid
  • Thyroid (Yield and Push)
  • Parathyroids
  • Carotid Bodies, Pineal, Pituitary, Mamillary Bodies
The Pelvic Quadrants and Pelvic Diaphragm
The Adrenals
The Pancreas
The Thymus

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