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The Nervous System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
The Nervous System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DVD SET • Three discs
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Experience first occurs on the cellular level. The nervous system records the experience and organizes it into patterns. It can then call forth the experience and modify the pattern by integrating it with the patterns of other experiences. The nervous system is the last to know, but once knowing, becomes a primary controlling system of the body.

Embodying the nervous system with sections on: the somatic nervous system; the autonomic nervous system; sitting in the synapse, nerve reversal and healing; front, middle, and back bodies; releasing the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexes; and embryology of the nervous system.

DVD SET • Three discs; 4 hours, 46 min.

This DVD set contains the following chapters (click here for a printable list):

Disc 1: Embryology of the Nervous System
  • Embryology of the Nervous System
  • Primitive Streak and Notochord
  • Three Embryonic Germ Layers
  • Yolk Sac and Amniotic Cavity
  • Development of the Neural Plate
  • Embodying the Front, Middle and Back Bodies
  • Embodying the Neural Tube and Crest, Surface Ectoderm
  • Zipping (Fusion) of the Neural Tube
  • Neuroenteric Canal and Autonomic Fluid Rhythm
  • Embodying Autonomic Fluid Rhythm
  • Cloacal and Oropharyngeal Membranes
  • Notochord as a Centralizing Unit

Disc 2: Nervous System Part 1
  • Three Ways to Organize the Nervous System
  • Somatic Nervous System
  • Sitting in the Synapse
  • Motor and Internuncial Nerves
  • Nerve Reversal and Healing
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Somatic Nervous System Revisited
  • Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Sympathetic Ganglionic Chains
  • Parasympathetic Ganglia
  • Bonnie Helps a Student Find Her Front Body, Middle Body and Back Body

Disc 3: Nervous System Part 2
  • Somatization of Being through the Nervous System
  • Release of the Brachial and Lumbosacral Plexus
  • Integration of Nerves
  • CNS Membranes
  • Hindbrain, Midbrain, Forebrain
  • Credits
  • Illustrations
The Nervous System and Processing Information
3 Ways to Organize the Nervous System
Nerve Reversal and Healing
Integration of Nerves

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