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The Organ System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
The Organ System, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DVD SET • Five discs
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Our organs are vital and alive. They provide us with our sense of self, full-bodiedness, and organic authenticity. Organs are the primary habitats or natural environments of our emotions, aspirations, and the memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories. They support our tone and our feelings, and give volume to our movement.

Embodying the organ system with sections on: explorations of the organs; releasing adhesions between organs; initiating breath, voice, movement and touch from the organs; analyzing imbalances in individual organs; techniques to balance the organs; and the embryological development of the organs.

DVD SET • Five discs; 7 hours, 50 min.

This DVD set contains the following chapters (click here for a printable list):

Disc 1: Embryology of the Organ System
  • Front Body and Back Body
  • Heart
  • Gut Tube (Digestive Tract)
  • Stomach
  • Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Pancreas
  • Urogenital Organs
  • Connecting Stalk
  • Giving Thanks to Our Teachers

Disc 2: Organ System Part 1
  • Introduction to Embodying the Organs
  • Hyoid Bone
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Digestive Organs
  • Releasing Adhesions between the Organs through Awareness

Disc 3: Organ System Part 2

  • Initiating Movement from the Heart, Lungs and Intestines
  • Countering the Heart and Lungs with the Intestines
  • Pectinate Line and Its Relationship to the Palate
  • Sounding into the Palate and Pectinate Line
  • Liver and Gallbladder
  • Pancreas
  • Finding the Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas in Movement
  • Finding the Diagonals of the Pancreas/Spleen and Stomach/Duodenum
  • Finding the Liver and Gallbladder to Support the Diagonals of the Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach/Duodenum
  • Urogenital System
  • Moving From the Urogenital System
  • Finding the embryological Kidneys to Support Movement
  • Finding the Midline, Lateral Line and Four Quadrants of the Abdomen

Disc 4: Organ System Part 3
  • Breathing and Sounding with the Spleen, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Liver
  • Breathing and Sounding with the Urogenital Organs
  • Breathing and Sounding Om From the Lung Bud
  • Excerpts on the Philosophy of Embodiment
  • Credits
  • Illustrations

Disc 5: Organ Roll
  • Organ Roll: Aligning the Organs in Sidelying Position
  • Organ Roll: Bonnie Working with a Student (1)
  • Organ Roll: Bonnie Working with a Student (2)

Exploring the Organs
The Heart
The Liver and Gallbladder
Finding the Liver and Gallbladder to Support the Diagonals of Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach/Duodenum

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